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Looking back at SuperReturn Asia 2014

Informative & In-Depth Focused Summits


Fascinating Geo-Political Outlook For ASEAN Opened The 2 Summits

Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid

Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid opened the Summits with an interesting keynote speech charting the South East Asia Region and the business opportunities available and challenges to overcome. 

Dr Majid has decades of business and financial services experience in Malaysia. He is also currently Chairman of CIMB Asean Research Institute and a Visiting Senior Fellow at LSE Ideas.

South East Asia Summit

With LP interest in South East Asia increasing and more funds focused and allocating to the region, there is need for more information and focus on the intricacies of this hot market.

This one day summit provided a strategic and market outlook for the region and delved into country and investment strategy-focused details.

The top GPs experienced in the region shared their insights and the expert LP panel shared their view on allocating to the region.

Some of the hot topics included:

  • Is South East Asia Just An Alternative Option To China & India: How Can The Region Develop To Be The Number One Choice In Asia?

  • Indonesia: Too Much Money Too Soon? What Does The Next Phase Of Investing Look Like? How Will Indonesia Generate Sustainable Returns?

  • Accessing The Long-Term Prospects Of Private Equity In IndoChina (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar) – What More Is Needed For Institutional Investors To Commit?

  • How Do LPs View South East Asia? Where Do They See The Biggest Risks & Returns?

LP/GP Relations & Fundraising Summit

The ever popular LP/GP Relations Summit had an additional fundraising focus this year based on audience feedback. With 95% of speakers from the LP community, it provided a unique day to find out what LPs really think about investing in Asia.

Some of the hot topics included:

  • How Are Terms & Conditions Evolving In Asia? How Are The Structures Shifting & Is Alignment Of Interests Improving?

  • How Are LPs Assessing The Region Given Recent The Recent Lift In US Returns? 

  • To What Extent Does The Trend Towards Co-Investments & Directs Lead To Conflicts Of Interest & Competition Between LPs & GPs? How Will This Change The PE Landscape In Asia?

  • Are Brand, Size & Past Performance The Only Things That Matter In Manager Selection In Asia?


Plus "Too Hot To Touch" Session! 

Exclusive closed door session focused on the tricky topics across LP/GP Relations & Investing in Asia. The “Too Hot To Touch” session was a boardroom style interactive discussion for a small group of 25 participants under Chatham House Rules. Delegates can speak openly during the discussion and people are allowed to take notes, but no comments are able to be attributed to the person who made them. This allows frank and honest discussion between peers. Topics include:

  • Terms & Conditions: The Dream & The Reality
  • Zombie Funds - How To Handle & Resolve
  • Manager & Entrepreneur Selection - What I Wish I Had Known Earlier


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